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  • Catherine Schultz, Ph.D.

Oh, the Tides, they are a Changin’

September 5, 2010 by Dr. Catherine Schultz, Ph.D.  

Walking back to the house after playing a game of Bocce on Sunset Beach with my husband, I was struck by the sea of people. A cacophony of varied movements, attitudes, attire, personalities flooded my vision of the coastline at once as the tide flushed over my feet. I was overwhelmed by the feeling of gratitude and amazement to be alive during this time in human history.

I recognized how incredible it was to be simultaneously witnessing and part of a species at the cusp of either our greatest evolutionary shift yet or our complete demise. One hundred years from now this North Carolina coastline and the human activity on it will most likely look very different. Scenarios of people traveling alongside pelicans and seagulls in some sort of green powered personal hovercrafts or oil slicked devastation with not a creature in sight crept across my mind in tandem.

It also struck me how most people are aware of the significance of this time at some level of their being, some level of their consciousness be it mental, emotional, physical, spiritual or a combination. We know the times are changing.

In just the past 48 years since 1962, my lifetime alone, the U.S. has made exponential strides in cultural and social architecture. From the Klu Klux Klan to electing our first Black President; from the first appearance of the term “personal computer” to at least one manifesting in every household; from primarily stay-at-home moms to women running for U.S. President, serving in the military, and playing the role of CEO’s of multinational corporations; astounding medical advancements including the mapping of the entire Human Genome; and technological advancements in providing basic needs of food and shelter on mass scales to mention a mere few.

No surprise that these changes have also correlated with changes in human consciousness, to the point where many people are becoming conscious that we are comprised of consciousness itself, witnessing and capable of controlling mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual states as dimensional tools of expression and experience.

This shift of consciousness consciously recognizing itself is the change agent that will determine the tide and shape the next 50 years of evolution will take. Oh the glory, to be part of these changing times, all tied in together.

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