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  • Catherine Schultz, Ph.D.

The Spirit … In … the Season

December 20, 2014 by Dr. Catherine Schultz, Ph.D.  

The most remarkable and poignant dimension of this season is our capacity to halt …. to stop … and tune-in to a universal spirit of Love that connects us all. An inclusive, ever present Love that is the core inSight of every religion and spiritual instinct. We demonstrate consistent capacity each year to cease-fire from warfare and unite in a common cause of peace and good will.

 There is, at minimum, one day out of 365 where a majority of humans contemplate and seek to connect with one another consciously, with focus, on Love. Love for oneself, for our family, for our community, for our nation, for our species, for our planet, for our higher selves however they are defined and conceived …

Perhaps a moment … this moment … of resting in what is beyond conception but ever here … one’s own awareness and sense of simply being that arises from resting within and experiencing this Love.

The inner and outer worlds united in crisp, fresh, singular, presents. The Tree of Life could not be more Full.

Blessings for a Wonder-Full Life in Love. Catherine

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