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  • Catherine Schultz, Ph.D.

InSights into the Field Beyond the Entire Movement of Thought

April 10, 2011 by Dr. Catherine Schultz, Ph.D.  

“Out beyond all wrong doing and right doing, there is a Field. I will meet you there” ~ Rumi. This has always been one of my favorite quotes. In fact, I wrote this as the header on my profile 7 years ago to meet my Beloved.

Ah, the wonders of such technology and the vastness of the field of humanity’s collective and emerging artifacts … the sum total of which is becoming known in the sciences as the “noosphere”. While we inherited as humans the geosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, the noosphere (‘noos’ meaning ‘mind’) has been generated by our collective activity on the planet. I’ve recently been enjoying Barbara Marx Hubbard’s book Conscious Evolution where she describes it as being comprised of all the spiritual, cultural, social, and technological capacities of humanity as one interrelated superorganism.

 The primary driving force within the noosphere is known as “memes” which are coded clusters of themed thoughts, ideas, and beliefs that can be transmitted from one person or group to another. Similarly to genes carrying biological information, memes will self replicate, mutate and respond to selective pressures within the culture, influencing the overall context of the noosphere.

 The exciting possibility posed by Hubbard and others is that “Conscious Evolution” can be a new meme by which humanity self-organizes our noosphere. Such a proposition could literally create heaven on earth as most of the memes to do so are already in place within the noosphere. Through the human potential movement, millions of us have evolved our consciousness to realize not only the oneness of all, but the still, silent awareness that is at the core of all being. We have the capacity, right now, to meet the basic food and shelter needs of all people, restore the Earth’s environment, design social systems to enhance inherent compassion and creativity, and build new worlds on Earth and in outer space, just to name a few.

 So what does all this have to do with Rumi’s “Field”? As I have been contemplating this material, I have had a few key insights.

  1. There is a mysterious Field beyond the noosphere, or as Krishnamurti called it “the entire movement of thought” that those who are awakening to their nature as pure awareness are tuning into. I am creating a new term for it – the “holosphere”. This Field is comprised solely of pure, subjective awareness. Silence. It is within the noosphere throughout its core, but also an evolutionary sphere beyond it and all memes. Millions of people are accessing this Field allowing for the movement of thought, memes and the noosphere to be included yet transcended. As such, conscious evolution can occur as the directions and shape of the noosphere can be influenced and chosen.

The human potential movement with its shift in the nervous system towards heart coherence (7 times the magnetic resonance of the brain) has “fired up” this already existing ever-present “holosphere”. It is the core essence of everything and nothing at once. It is this sphere that is being activated through the epoch shifts being made in the nervous system by millions of people on the planet. Silence. Do nothing. Only this moment. This moment. From Here, all the contents of the noosphere and its memes are recognized as tools for human expression. Even the new meme of “conscious evolution” needs to be recognized as such.

  1. Through accessing this Holospheric Field, humans generate Memes of the Moment (MOM)’s within the noosphere which cross all time and space creating coherent resonance with one another. MOM’s are memes of unconditional love.

  2. Within the Holosphere, humans have cosmic consciousness and our future selves have the inherent capacity to support the evolution that is occurring Now in the species.

What other InSights do you experience as you tune in to the Holosphere?


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