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  • Catherine Schultz, Ph.D.

Inseparable InSights Into Infinity

November 30, 2012 by Dr. Catherine Schultz, Ph.D.  

There are many people who are interested in ‘getting off the wheel’ so to speak and engaging in spiritual inquiry. Questions such as ‘Who Am I?’, “Who is having this experience?”, What is True Here, Now?’, ‘What is Changeless Here?’ abound.

As the central nervous system engages in such an ongoing inquiry into the nature of reality, many shifts and insights occur that reverberate throughout itself. Many report that through such inquiry, they experience a spacious awareness of ‘no-mind’ where Consciousness exists prior to all manifest forms including their own body-mind and central nervous system!

What ends up being overlooked in the reporting of these experiences of an “empty”, “silent” or “unmanifested” Consciousness however is the inseparability of our inquiring central nervous systems, processing this in-form-ation about Consciousness itself. The Report and the Reporter in Reality are One.

Consciousness for us humans, through inquiry, is awakening to itself through the central nervous system and thus evolving our species into one that recognizes inseparable oneness with Itself and all form.

This footage of Ken Wilber demonstrating various brain waves including what occurs when his central nervous system directly accesses what he notes to be the Consciousness that is ever present and all around us ….Ken Wilber stops brain waves

Note that in the moment he completely shuts down his brain function, he is fully ‘off the wheel’ and appears dead. Yet, obviously his central nervous system is still operational and he must reactivate his brain to explain the Experience. He demonstrates a oneness with Consciousness prior to the body but also inseparable from it along with an increased mastery to control various functions through meditative practice.

So, I offer that this is where the species is potentially headed. All the spiritual platitudes of surrender, inquiry, unconditioned love, egolessness, and so forth apply as Consciousness evolves our central nervous systems through ongoing inquiry and recognizes itself as inseparable from all form yet ever free and infinitely ‘off the wheel’.

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