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"Bliss, the experience of Wholeness, is ever accessible each moment"

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Catherine Schultz, Ph.D.
Meet Catherine


Catherine Schultz, Ph.D. offers all-levels energy healing and life mentoring for accessing inner peace and bliss in an ongoing basis. 


Her book on "bliss: Living in Silent Awareness" is a reworking of her dissertation which aims to integrate the hemispheres of the brain for more stability in tuning in to the bliss experience of oneness with all things.

Dr. Schultz has over 35 years of experience working with individuals and groups to facilitate deeper inner peace, positive shifts in consciousness, and new ways of accessing greater capacities for seeing and experiencing life.

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Bliss book by Catherine Schultz
In the 1990's, I produced 2 music albums~ "The Stream" & "Mirroring Truth".
They are now available under the station "Catherine Schultz, PhD" on Spotify, Apple Music, ITunes, Deezer etc.


Click Below to access some of my music on YouTube

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 Asheville Energy Healer & Spiritual Teacher
Blissful Life Teacher ~ Energy Healing ~ Bliss Gatherings


Bliss Teacher - Dr. Schultz will support your ability to live in bliss in a sustained, ongoing basis. Her mentorship is designed to transcend books such as "The Secret". She integrates various tools during her private sessions to point each person's awareness within to an inherent space and state of oneness. She provides an all-levels approach to bliss for both growing up and waking up for an ongoing experience of wholeness. 


Energy Healing - Dr. Schultz is a Usui Reiki Master and offers energy healing sessions integrate and tailor the following methods: Usui Reiki & Karuna Reiki, ReConnection, Yuen Method, Shamanic methods, flower essences, gem stones and the Adamantine Health System. Her approach includes a recognition of the importance of an all-levels model towards looking at any imbalances in the body-mind.


Bliss Gatherings - Her community retreats called "Bliss Gatherings" include live music, poetry, art and dialogue to reveal the inherent clear awareness of interconnected oneness contained in each moment.

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